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Why choose us?


Our goal is simple: we work hard to deliver advice and assistance that either makes or saves you as much money as you pay us. Even things that you could do for yourself we’ll definitely be able to do quicker and you’ll be able to use that time to make more money than you’re paying us. Additionally, every new client receives a FREE initial tax review to see if there are any overlooked opportunities where we might be able to put some money back in your pocket before you even get our first bill!

No boring snooze-letters

Many accountants have a newsletter that they send to their clients to keep them up to date with changes in taxation and… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Here’s what we think; you’re NOT interested in the stuff that we ARE interested in and you haven’t got time to wade through loads of irrelevant stuff just to see if there is anything that applies to your unique situation. So here’s what we do. When something happens like a change in legislation or tax rules that you need to know about, we pick up the phone or send you an email with some specific advice and our recommendations.

We are v-e-r-y well connected

Got a problem with your employees? Fed up arguing with your computers? Stuck for ways to promote your business? Tap into our network of trusted advisors – we know HR, IT, PR and many other business professionals that can help you solve your problems and get the fast results you are looking for – and every one of them comes with our personal seal of approval which means we’ve either tried and tested them ourselves or we’ve checked them out with other businesses that have used them.

The FREE lunch

Whoever said that there is no such thing as a free lunch never knew about Nicholas Peters. We take all of our new clients out for lunch in their first month as a client so that we can get to know the person behind the business, what makes you tick and gain a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve so we can be as helpful as possible to you. This is a really relaxed meeting, there’s no clock ticking and we’ll even pick up the bill – but we are accountants, so please don’t expect The Ivy!

FREE assistant decision maker

When you are in business you have to make lots of decisions. And sometimes you have to make those decisions quicker than you’d like to. The problem is, badly made decisions (even seemingly small and insignificant ones) can lead to costly mistakes. That’s why we’d like you to think of us as your assistant decision maker. We are available by phone or email whenever you want some quick advice or a second opinion about something and because we never want you to think twice about asking us… our assistant decision maker service is FREE of charge.

NO Donald Duck ties

Think of one word to describe accountants – you just thought ‘boring’, didn’t you! It’s true that as a profession we have gained a bit of a reputation for greyness. And whilst we can do greyness when needed (like if we are talking to the tax man or bank manager on your behalf) you’ll also find that we have a creative streak running through us. But please don’t expect to see us expressing our creative side by wearing odd coloured socks or Donald Duck ties. We prefer to express our creativity through our innovative approach to solving business problems and helping our clients make more money.


Is there ANYTHING worse than unreturned phone calls? Of course there is, but when it counts an unreturned call can really ruin your day… well, can’t it? We know that, which is why we go the extra mile to make ourselves accessible to our clients. We’ll give you our mobile phone numbers so you can talk to us when it’s convenient with you. And if we can’t take your call at the office straight away someone else WILL talk to you, help you right there and then if they can and take responsibility for your enquiry being dealt with if they can’t.

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