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Some businesses consider audits a tiresome but necessary evil, others see them as a really effective way of lifting the bonnet on the company and having a good poke around.

Audits have always divided opinion, but if you’re in the camp that thinks they’re a chore then we’d argue you might just have the wrong firm auditing you.

Whether you need to have an audit because your trading status makes it a requirement in order to be compliant, or you just think your business could benefit from having one, we’ll approach it in a way that delivers maximum benefit to your future commercial success.

An audit makes you look at areas of your business you perhaps haven’t considered in a while and lets you see where things can be improved, what’s working well and where your attention might need to be in the short-, medium- and long-term to meet your future goals.

Our strength comes from being invested in your success, so even if you’re not required to have one, an audit by us will deliver some key benefits that could make an immediate difference to your efficiency and profitability:

  • You’ll be more attractive to lenders, potentially giving you access to preferential terms and rates
  • Enhanced credibility among suppliers, who may be more inclined to offer generous credit terms
  • Documented evidence of the financial and trading performance of your business, which can be invaluable should ever decide to sell it
  • Reduces the risk of internal fraud, which grows proportionately with your business
  • We’ll benchmark you against competitors in your industry, so you have a real-time picture of how you shape up against them
  • Valuable insight to your business resilience through the tests that make up an audit, allowing your management teams to future-proof performance, forecasting and profitability.

We’ve got a wealth of expertise and experience not only in carrying out comprehensive, cost-effective audits, but also in then helping you to understand and then interpret what they reveal to improve your future trading results.

Interested in talking about how an audit can help your business succeed? Call us on 020 3667 5200 or email us at and let’s start the conversation.

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