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Payroll preparation

One of the reasons many businesses don’t grow as quickly as they might is because the red tape that comes from employing people can be quite daunting.

Luckily, our payroll department is a big fan of that kind of red tape – so much so that we keep up to date on literally a daily basis to make sure we’re always across the rules, regulations and legislation required to process your salaries and wages accurately.

What that means for you is no worrying about the complexities of PAYE or National Insurance, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay entitlement, student loan repayments and any Government benefit considerations.

In other words, all the daunting stuff that makes your head spin.

Ours is an end-to-end service for every member of your team from the moment they arrive through your door to their final payslip and payment when they leave.

We’ll issue your payslips and complete and submit the seemingly endless online returns and year-end forms that you as an employer are required to provide – and we’ll do it with the backing of systems that are designed to achieve 100% accuracy in even the most complex situations.

Payroll is something you don’t want to play fast and loose with, so our service is meticulously managed and delivered to eliminate any possible mistake – because in the end, we know that even the smallest error or miscalculation in payroll can turn into a big lump sum sized problem for you and your employee!

Interested in talking about how outsourcing your payroll preparation to us can leave you free to grow your business? Call us on 020 3667 5200 or email us at and let’s start the conversation.

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