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Raising finance

Sometimes, moving your business forward means investing cash and often the only way to do that is to access a funding stream that we refer to as OPM, which stands for Other People’s Money.

Getting investment or securing a loan can be an effective way of taking advantage of short-term trading opportunities, financing growth and realising potential – but it’s important to borrow money for the right reasons and in the right way.

But there’s a big difference between doing the sums to satisfy yourself you’ve got the right strategy and actually going into the investment or lending market to get the money – a process that can often be daunting and occasionally complex.

The fact is, you now have to work harder than ever before to access funding – the old joke that in order to borrow money you first have to prove you don’t really need it has never seemed truer. There are more hoops now and jumping through them takes more time and effort.

But with the right proposition, presented properly and to the right people, it’s still perfectly possible to secure lending that will help drive your business forward.

The days of an open faucet approach by banks and investors to parting with their money are long gone. Regulation has forced the banks to be pickier, risk has made investors more cautious.

But over the years we’ve helped clients raise millions of pounds in funding and there isn’t a funding option out there that we haven’t either used, researched or explored.

That translates into more than just experience and expertise. It gives us credibility in the market, gained through a proven track record of personal relationships built on lending propositions that are properly thought-through and solidly presented. Lenders and investors know that a funding bid supported by the work of Nicholas Peters is always a good bet! 

Working with us to raise the finance that will drive your business to the next level could save you time and money and get you to the right people and the right outcome faster.

Interested in talking about how to connect with the best lenders and investors to finance your business ambition? Call us on 020 3667 5200 or email us at and let’s start the conversation.

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