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VAT registration

If you want to see a business owner pull a face, just say the word ‘VAT’ in their earshot.

Most people who run a business hate VAT because it’s perceived to be horribly complicated, with lots of rules and regulations and it seems to require an awful lot of effort to ensure the reporting is done properly.

In fact, there’s a lot of unnecessary myth and legend around Value Added Tax and we can help demystify and simplify it.

VAT isn’t a one-size-fits-all system and not every business needs to be VAT-registered. If you’re wondering whether you need to register for VAT (or, if not now, at what point you will), we can tell you and, if you do, advise you on the best VAT scheme for you to use.

There are cases when it could be a good idea to register for VAT even if your trading status doesn’t require you to do so – and we can look at your specific business and circumstances and let you know whether it’s something you should consider.

If you need to be VAT-registered, then we can take the pain of that off your hands and complete all the necessary paperwork and processes, so you don’t have the stress of doing it yourself. In fact, our specialist VAT team will provide ongoing support for you to make sure you get it right – all the way down to helping you complete your VAT returns and managing you through any VAT inspection.

Not sure if you should be VAT-registered? Call us on 020 3667 5200 or email us at and let’s find out.

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