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VAT registration

We can help demystify what can seem to be very complicated rules and regulations for VAT registration.

You may be wondering if you have to register for VAT – we will look at your situation and tell you if you do and then advise on the most suitable VAT scheme for you to use.

You may not have to register for VAT but it could actually be beneficial for you to register – we will review your circumstances and trading history and tell you if you should or not.

Then, if VAT registration is necessary or appropriate, we will complete all of the paperwork and deal with all of the formalities involved.

Deciding if you should register for VAT or not isn’t a DIY decision – our VAT team will help you get it right. We can even help you with the ongoing completion of VAT returns and support you if you are ever subject to a VAT inspection.

To talk to someone in our VAT team about your situation, call us on 020 3667 5200.

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