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Generally speaking, there are two primary ways businesses tend to grow – they either scale up by increasing revenue while keeping costs to a minimum, or they expand by adding resources at the same rate that they generate revenue.

One method of expansion is to buy another business to fast track growth – it’s an attractive proposition for many owners of successful businesses because on paper it’s an almost overnight solution to significantly increasing your customer base and revenue.

But as you might imagine, it’s an approach that carries a degree of risk. Get dazzled by the upside of an acquisition deal and fail to see – or choose not to see – the downside, and it’s easy to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We’ve had many years of experience in helping our clients to buy businesses and can be the cool and objective head you need to do the outside thinking. We’ll support you to get the right deal done the right way and to your best advantage, or to help you walk away.

Our experience means we’re perfectly placed to carry out the necessary due diligence on the company you plan to acquire and ensure you’ve considered all the potential issues you’ll have to resolve if you go ahead. Be it negotiating the best price and payment terms or plugging the most appropriate form of finance at the best possible rates, we’re ready to help.

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