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Let’s get in control of your business’s finances with an audit

Sadly no accountant can predict the future. But we can provide an audit service that gives you a foundation for all of your future financial decisions. We’ll help you find what you’re doing well, what you can do better, and how to maintain your standards of working well into the future.

Starting a new business? We can help

If you’re beginning down the path of creating a new business, there can seemingly be an endless list of tasks that will eat away at your time. Before you know it you’re snowed under. That’s why we’re here to help.

Nicholas Peters in a nutshell

Our Specialisms

We’re dedicated professionals, no matter where you are in the business world. But like any business, we have our areas of expertise.

Start ups

Bringing real growth, expertise, and wisdom to new businesses.

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Property investors

Helping to create a strategic and actionable view of property finance.

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Cost-effective services for those doing the most valuable work in society.

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Greek & Cypriot

Dedicated support and advice for those speaking the Hellenic language.

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What our clients say

“Moving my accounts to Nicholas Peters has been one of my better business decisions. The level of care, support and personal investment in both my business and me as an individual have been nothing short of outstanding. All businesses have challenges to overcome and decisions to make – knowing that Peter and his team know me and my business so well, and understand my priorities, has made those moments less daunting and far less lonely. I would – and do – recommend Nicholas Peters to anyone.”



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