Greek and Cypriot clients

Support for our friends from the birthplace of civilisation

At Nicholas Peters & Co we’re not just fluent in corporate finance and taxation, we also provide specialist accountancy services for clients in Greece and Cyprus with business or investment interests in the UK.

We understand the uncertainty and concerns that new overseas clients experience when doing business in an unfamiliar environment – so the Greek Cypriot backgrounds of our two partners, Peter Petrou and Andy Georgiades mean we understand you better than anyone.

We’ll be on hand to advise you on the financial and tax implications of your investment and business decisions. We’ll represent your interests in person where appropriate and give you peace of mind that your UK affairs are being expertly managed.

The knowledge and expertise we’ve gained in more than 20 years of business means we’ll be able to advise you on the best way to buy property, recommend the most tax-efficient way to manage your UK business interests, and connect you with a network of other trusted specialists who’ll be able to help you with everything from insurance to IT.

And when you’re in town, we can even point you in the direction of some great spanakotiropita!

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