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Once a company reaches a certain size, it will have to undergo an audit. It’s something that can’t be avoided, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re disruptive and can cause you a lot of stress. Like having anyone look through your personal belongings, it can feel like you’re losing control over something that’s important to you.

Our audit service is carefully designed and planned to minimise the potential disruption they can cause, but without sacrificing the robust approach required to find any problem areas in your business. It won’t just be about improvements but will highlight areas you’re succeeding at, too.

How does an audit work? It’s designed to give you a balanced view of your business’s performance financially. It’s compulsory for larger businesses and larger charities. Small charities have something known as an ‘independent examination’ which requires less manpower to complete. Many small businesses will also choose to have voluntary audits to make sure they’re up to speed on all their processes – this is especially helpful when meeting with lenders and investors.

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