Management accounts

Valuable accounting tools for your business

A tool that no business owner should overlook is management accounting. It will give you more control over the variables you use to look at how your business is performing, both in realising weaknesses and strengths. Without it, finding the opportunities that lie within the business can prove very difficult and lead to larger problems bubbling away unnoticed under the surface.

We offer a qualified service that will give you either monthly or quarterly reports. This will act as a health sheet for the business, giving a running commentary on any of your issues, finding your strengths, and backed up via easy-to-understand infrastructure. There will be graphs and charts using your up-to-date financial data, which will provide you with the necessary information to go to your lenders and investors with a strong hand.

Management accounts are different from annual accounts – they’re normally produced once a year, whereas here they’re more regular. It’s about telling a story about your business and how it’s performing, using the data as a guide to get the big picture. Often key performance indicators (KPIs) will be used here, in greater detail, to highlight the areas of difficulty and progress.

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