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“Continuous support and hand holding...”

Its two years since I last gave Andy a testimonial and in that time my business has grown, with an increased turnover and more contract staff. I have become VAT registered and have had to switch schemes. Throughout this time, Andy had been a constant source of support, as well as giving sound and intelligent advice, explaining the changes clearly and providing and excellent sense check on my business at regular intervals.

Crucially, his staff are diligent, hardworking and conscientious, for instance contacting me to ensure that I don’t miss VAT or tax payment deadlines, ensuring that I know what to pay, as well as how to, by providing bank details etc. 

They also respond quickly to any queries I have. This week for example, I called and was told that the member of staff was at lunch. Hearing I was on the line, Andy stopped and took 10 minutes to discuss my query and email me the information I needed during his lunch hour. I am delighted with the advice, assistance and service that Andy and his team have provided and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who requires a straight talking, hardworking accountant, with a team who really do have your best interests at heart.

Peter Krige of Krige Consulting Ltd


“My previous accountant never returned my calls …”

Well, that’s not exactly true. I would eventually get a return call, but it could be two, three or even four days later… which could sometimes mean the following week. And that was often too late. I don’t expect to be able to get hold of my accountant every time I call (after all, who wants an accountant whose sitting around waiting to take calls because they got nothing to do?).

I like Nicholas Peters policy on dealing with phone calls. It’s reassuring to know that their team based approach means that it’s very likely that I’ll get an answer to my questions on the first call if Peter or Andy aren’t available. And I’m never in doubt that they will return my call same day if my enquiry can’t be dealt with by one of the team.

Assaf Laznik of Findon Urban Lofts Plc 


“I never received any proactive advice from my last accountant …”

In the past, there where so many times when I’d read something in the newspaper or hear about something down at the pub and wonder ‘does that apply to me?’ ‘Nine times out of ten’ when I called my old accountant I would find that it didn’t apply to me. But on a couple of occasions I was told that my concern was warranted and I actually did need to do something, which didn’t exactly leave me feeling confident the next time something came up!

With Nicholas Peters I feel like I’m in safe hands. I’m confident that they are looking out for me and if there’s something I need to know about, I know I can rely on them to bring it to my attention instead of me having to rely on the grapevine for my information!

Pauleen Cracknell of Associates Group Limited


“I always felt like my previous accountant was overcharging me …”

Every year I would dread getting my accountancy bill. With my old accountant there seemed to be no consistency – even though I seemed to have used the same amount of services the bill would vary widely from year to year. It felt like they were just charging me what they thought they could get away with.

I’ve never been on the receiving end of ‘surprises’ from Nicholas Peters. My standard charges are covered by my monthly standing order (so I don’t even get a big bill at the end of the year!) and if I use other services along the way they always confirm the cost before they start work and when the work has been completed that’s EXACTLY what I’ve paid and it’s never been a penny more.

Tony Theori of Theori Investments Limited


“It felt like my old accountant was working for the tax man instead of me …”

Before I started using Nicholas Peters, whenever I received a bill from the tax man, I’d show it to my old accountant, they’d invariable tell me to pay it and I’d send a cheque off.

I’d always thought that it really didn’t matter which firm of accountants you used because they’ve all passed the same exams, so they all knew the same stuff and would all come up with the same results.

I now know that’s not the case. Some accountants are different – Nicholas Peters have proven that to me many, many times. Since I started to use their services, even though (with their help!) my turnover has gone up considerably, my tax bills have also gone down considerably. Nowadays, when I’m told that a tax bill should be paid I’m certain that everything has been done to ensure that I’m not paying a penny more than I should.

Kyri Karageorgis of Caprifame Limited


“I always got the impression that my previous accountant had only ever looked at my papers as I sat down in front of him …”

Every time I went to see the accountant he would go through the same annoying routine – the first 5 or 10 minutes of each meeting were always spent with him shuffling through my papers trying to get up to speed with my situation. This just made it very obvious to me that the actual work had been done by someone else, probably with a lot less experience and no doubt on a lot less money! His seeming lack of interest in my business always left me feeling that he obviously had ‘bigger fish to fry’ and we were getting a second class service.

I know we’re not Nicholas Peters biggest (or most profitable!) client, but I’d never know that from the service I receive from them. Every time I’ve met with Andy Georgiades he has been fully prepared for our meeting and seems to know exactly what’s going on with my business. And because he’s taken some time to review things beforehand he is able to use our time together to offer useful and often very valuable advice.

Davidene Harrington of Creative Bathing Limited


“My old accountants seemed to be preoccupied with ‘selling’ me life assurance and pension plans …”

Every time I saw my old firm of accountants they would try to get me to make an appointment with the firms financial service guys to talk about pensions or life assurance. It got to the point where I would dread going to see my accountant because of the uncomfortable sales pitch I’d have to sit through at the end of the meeting.

Obviously it makes sense for my accountant to be involved in important decisions like these, after all my accountant knows as much about my financial situation as anyone else and I would always expect my accountant to make recommendations that were in my interest.

Nicholas Peters offer an in house financial planning service too. But that’s the difference … Peter Petrou offered me the service, he didn’t try to force it on me. So I used it. And I’m glad I did. Peter and the guys from the financial planning company worked together on creating a plan that would maximise the results I could get from the money I have available to invest and now I’m doing much better than I was before their involvement.

Justine Matthews of Blakemores Solicitors


I’m writing this testimonial for Peter Petrou, who has been my Accountant for the last year and a half. Peter is so much more than just an Accountant, he is a brilliant businessman and he has given me really stellar advice and support.

Peter is a straight-shooter and I took what he said seriously because I trust and respect him and having applied his no-nonsense advice I can honestly say my business has gone from strength to strength financially. I cannot recommend him or his team more highly.

Thank you Peter, I look forward to continuing our work together.

Zoe Clews of Zoe Clews & Associates



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