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Why choose us?


Our aim in life is pretty simple. We want to make sure you make or save as much money as you pay us, and we use the experience and expertise we’ve gained over more years than we care to admit to give you advice and support that achieves that aim. It’s really that simple.

We’ll do things that you could do yourself, because we’ll do them more quickly and efficiently than you can, and you’ll be using that time to earn more money than you’ll pay us for doing it.

We’re not interested in making easy stuff look difficult and we’re not interested in creating work that doesn’t exist. We’ll do only what’s necessary and charge you a fair price for it. And as a new client, we’ll give you a FREE tax review to see if we can put some money in your pocket before you’ve even had our first bill.

Honest. Simple. Transparent.

No snoozeletters

We’ve yet to meet a client who’s interested in the minutiae of changes in accounting practice or tax law. That’s because you pay people like us to be interested in it and to apply that knowledge to you if it affects you.

That’s why other accountants clutter up their clients’ inboxes with a monthly newsletter about things like changes in tax relief on subsistence and travel expenses for temporary workers, and we don’t. If there’s a change that’s going to affect you, we’ll do what normal people do and pick up the phone or send you an email and give you some useful and practical advice about what, if anything, you need to do about it.

We’re in the relationship business

There’s life outside accountancy. We know that because we’re part of it. We’ve built long-term relationships with people and businesses in other industries so we’ve got a very impressive black book of trusted contacts who can get you out of a jam in a hurry.

Whether it’s an IT issue, problems with an employee, a dispute with another business or professional, specialist insurance issues or a thousand and one other things, the chances are we know someone we can introduce you to and who comes with our personal recommendation based on our own experience or the experiences of other businesses we know and trust.

We invest in you

Anyone who believes their accountant is going through the motions isn’t a client of Nicholas Peters & Co. Our reputation for offering high-quality advice and terrific value is built on our personal investment in our clients and their businesses.

We want to spend time getting to know you as an individual and to understand the hopes, dreams and ambitions you have for yourself and your business, because that makes our advice better and our practical support more relevant.

We don’t just save you time, we give it to you. We spend time finding the right solution that’s right for your unique needs and circumstances.

Because when we say we aim to save or make you more money than you pay us, those aren’t just empty words. It’s the ethos of our business and it’s seared into our DNA. Quite simply, you matter to us.

On call when you need us

In business, battles are lost and won on the decisions you make and how you live with them. Sometimes, you’re going to need to choose a course of action much more rapidly than you’d ideally like – and that can be dangerous, because a mistake – even seemingly small and insignificant ones – can spell the sort of trouble that comes with a price tag.

When we work with you, we consider ourselves to be part of your management team, which is why we’re available on the phone or by email whenever you need us for a quick sense-check, opinion or piece of advice.

When we’re part of your team you never have to think twice about asking for support – and that’s exactly as it should be.

We do functional more than funky

Accountants have earned a bit of a reputation over the years for being on the grey side of interesting. It’s okay – we get it. Our job involves immersing ourselves in the kind of weighty subjects and issues that are hardly going to light up the conversation at a dinner party.

But while we can do gravitas with the best of them – like when we’re talking to the bank or the taxman on your behalf – you’ll find our solutions-focused approach to helping you to solve business problems and make and save money gives us quite a creative streak, too.

It’s not the sort of hipster creativity that will ever see us mixing checks and stripes or wearing odd coloured socks, but we have been known to occasionally come to work without a tie.

We’re not scared of you

There are some people you’ll work with in business who’ll make sure they keep you at arm’s length. You’ll get the number for reception or their PA, but never the contact details for the person you really need to speak to.

That’s okay when things are going well, but not so great when you need to talk to someone urgently and they’re not returning your calls.

So, when you engage us, you’ll get the contact details of not just the person directly looking after your affairs, but also of two other people who’ll be able to help you when your main point of contact is unavailable.

We also operate a standard policy of replying to an email within 24 business hours, so you’ll either get the advice you need within one working day, or you’ll have the peace of mind that we’re working on the issue you’ve got and will come back to you as soon as we’ve got an answer for you.

It’s part of our commitment to be emotionally invested in your business.

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