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Our services

There are lots of things your accountant can do for you, and we do all of them (and more besides). But in the end our role is really simple: we’re here to give you the advice and support that helps you to run your business efficiently on a day-to-day business and avoid the financial and tax pitfalls you’ll encounter along the way.

So, if any of the following strike a chord with you, maybe we should be talking to each other.

I feel like I’m paying too much tax

You might well be. But the laws on tax mean you’ve got more flexibility over how much you pay than you might think. We’re tax experts with years of experience and we make it our job to know the rules inside out and backwards, meaning we can start delivering benefit to you and your business immediately.


I’m working all hours, but my business isn’t making me enough money

We’ve looked at hundreds of different businesses over the years and seen at first hand how talented entrepreneurs turn every-day, hard-to-run, marginally profitable companies into cash generating machines. We’ve seen their strategies, systems, policies and procedures. So, if you’re looking at a competitor and wondering how he can sun himself in the Maldives while you slog it out in Clerkenwell for 16 hours every day, we can probably give you the answers.


I’m drowning in admin and never have enough time to do the work that makes me money

Business growth means more grind – more paperwork, more people management, more of all the non-revenue generating things that go hand in hand with a successful business. As a business owner, you know you need to offload this work and for many people the quick solution seems to be to employ someone else to do it. Often, though, it’s better to outsource – and that particularly applies to things like payroll, VAT and book-keeping – all areas where we can help you.


I’m thinking of starting my own business, but don’t know where to start

Starting a business could be the best decision you ever make. But if you get it wrong at the start, it could also be the worst. Of all the start-ups that fail, most are killed by the blind enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs who launched them. We can help you get the basics right – from incorporating your business, to helping you write your business plan and looking after the finances of your company – so that you have the best possible chance of success.


Things are going wrong – my business is in trouble and I don’t know what to do

Often, business owners who know they’re getting into trouble waste precious time hoping things will take a turn for the better long after any chance that they will has gone. What can also happen is the stress of managing a business in difficulty clouds the judgement and leads to decisions that make things worse rather than better. We’ve got a ton of experience of turning business around and if it’s possible in your case, we can help you create a plan that can work. Our first piece of advice is free: don’t wait one day longer to talk to us.


I need to raise finance, but I don’t know how to do it

If you do it in the right way and for the right reasons, borrowing money to drive your business forward can be a really useful option. That said, the current climate means you have to jump through a lot more hoops than you did before in order to get your hands-on other people’s money. We’ve helped clients to raise millions of pounds over the years and we can help you to create a compelling business case, laid out in the right format and containing all the information a bank or investor will want to see.


My business is profitable, but I never seem to have any money

Your year-end accounts say you made a profit, but you just don’t seem to be able to put your hands on the money. There are filing cabinets at insolvency practices all over the UK that are overflowing with the year-end accounts of profitable businesses that had no cash. Turnover may be vanity and profit may be sanity – but cash is king. We can help you establish systems that will allow you to monitor and forecast, identify potential problems long before they become actual problems and enable you to get cash in more quickly (backed up with firm but friendly techniques to chase the money when it isn’t paid).


I’m thinking of selling my business, but don’t know what it’s worth or how to go about it

You’ve put in the long hours and seven-day weeks and given your blood, sweat and tears to build your business and you’ve been rewarded by a level of success that eludes many business owners. Now you want to reap that reward, sell up and either put your feet up or do something new. Cashing out your business can actually be a lot harder than people think. There’s an enormous amount to consider, plan, negotiate and decide, and it can be overwhelming and hugely complicated. Getting professional advice is critical and our experience means we’re ideally placed to help you with every step of the process, from identifying potential buyers to closing the deal.


If any of these scenarios match your own circumstances, let’s start a conversation about how we can help you. Give us a call on 020 3667 5200 today or email us at and let’s see if we can start making a difference to you and your business right now.

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