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Tax planning

Some days running your own business can be a complete joy. But there are days when it can be the polar opposite, and these days are usually the ones that feature the dreaded ‘T’ word.

Tax. There, we said it. There’s no getting away from it. Whether it’s your personal tax bill in January or your business tax bill in April, HMRC is going to take a decent chunk of the money your blood, sweat and tears has earned you over the course of the year.

And while you don’t mind paying your fair share to keep the country from falling on its knees, you’re probably wondering how it is that people who seem to be doing pretty well also seem to be paying the minimum amount of tax possible.

Here’s the thing – you can be doing the same thing.

The taxman is perfectly happy for you to arrange your financial affairs in such a way that you pay less than the headline rate of tax that applies to your personal income, any capital gains from the sale of assets or the profits you retain in your business.

In fact – and read this next sentence more than once, because you won’t believe it the first time – paying the headline rate of tax is completely optional. Go on … read it again, we’ll wait.

So how does that work? It works when you or the people advising you on your tax affairs are totally familiar with the thousands of rules that collectively make up the tax system.

At Nicholas Peters we make it our business to have an exhaustive understanding of the tax system because we make it our business to ensure our clients never pay a penny more in tax than they absolutely need to. To do that, we have to be able to understand how that complex system relates specifically to you and your circumstances – which means our tax planning is completely tailored to you.

We’ll offer you a free initial consultation where we’ll explain how you can:

  • Take advantage of the many completely legal ways there are to take profits out of your business in the most tax efficient way
  • Get a tax refund – and even claim back past overpayments in tax because you overlooked a tax strategy
  • Structure your business in such a way that you keep as much money as possible from any future sale

Interested in paying less tax? Call us on 020 3667 5200 or email us at and let’s start that conversation.

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