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Case studies

How a visit to Sainsburys turned into a seriously successful business!

Sometimes luck and chance can play a big role in entrepreneurial success. Like, for example, the time when I was shopping at Sainsburys one Saturday afternoon... and I bumped into an old family friend.

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From a back of the envelope plan… to the £1,000,000 man!

A new client approached us with a back of the envelope business plan - he was going to leave his employed position and set up in business in the same industry for himself.

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Restructuring reaps rich rewards (and leaves old accountant red faced!)

I was outlining an idea to an existing client that had the potential to save them a small fortune in tax, when he suddenly stopped me in mid sentence and suggested that I should be telling one of his business owning friends about the same idea.

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As a business owner the two words you never want to hear are… ‘tax investigation’.

Having the tax man poking his nose around in your business can be disruptive and time consuming not to mention unnerving (and often more so for the kind of person who has got nothing to hide!).

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