As a business owner the two words you never want to hear are… ‘tax investigation’.

Having the tax man poking his nose around in your business can be disruptive and time consuming not to mention unnerving (and often more so for the kind of person who has got nothing to hide!).

So I knew exactly how the person on the other end of the phone was feeling when they rang to say that they were under tax investigation, not happy with the way their advisors were representing them and wanted a second opinion.

They had been passed our number by an existing client who had suggested that we would be a safe pair of hands.

And it turns out that a safe pair of hands was exactly what they needed. Their previous accountant had almost certainly been responsible for getting them into this situation in the first place, by not handling their affairs in a timely manner in the past which had led the tax man to assume that ‘things’ might not be in order.

We took things over, and were able to quickly conclude the matter in a way that was favourable for both the company and the tax authorities.

Once this matter had been dealt with the client was quick to appoint us as the company’s accountant. By entrusting us with everything from their book keeping through to accounts preparation we have been able to keep our finger on the financial pulse of the company, which has not only kept them off the tax mans radar but also enabled us to identify tax saving opportunities that otherwise may have gone unspotted – like for example the £70,000 we recently saved them in tax when eagle eyed members of our team spotted an additional £330,000 of qualifying capital expenditure.

We often find ourselves taking on clients who have been let down by their previous advisors. We work quickly and extra hard to help them get back on top of what can often be a highly stressful situation.


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